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JP2view® 1.5 - JPEG2000 Image Viewer and Compressor

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Product details "JP2view"

"JP2view" is a low-cost, easy to use viewer software, allowing compression of image data into JPEG2000 file format, for windows plattforms.

Deliveries (electronically only):
JP2view is delivered "all in one package" as a Microsoft Installer file:
-MSI archive file name: OptimiData_JP2view_E.msi (program release: 1.5; filesize: 1,5 Mbyte), containing:
---User manual: Manual_OptimiData_JP2view_E.pdf
---Library: opd_jp2.dll
Features include:
-Graphical User Interface, including following features:
-Drag and Drop of multiple image files into the viewer
-Zoom in, Zoom out in 10% steps with indication of the current zooming step
-Context menu (right mouse button click)
-Window display modes: cascade, tile horizontally, tile vertically
-License Registration
-Image information in windows title bar: filename, image size, bit depth, compression ratio and filesize
-Current image information in status bar: Mouse position, pixel value (RGB) and zoom factor
-Image compression:
---Compression of image files into JPEG2000 file format (*.jp2) in baseline configuration (means: no regions of interest, no tiling, tile offset = 0)
---Compression of image files into JPEG2000 code stream (*.j2k)
---Compression of image files into Standard JPEG (*.jpg)
---Adjustment of desired image quality, image file size or compression ratio
-Image decompression:
---Decompression of JPEG2000 file format (*.jp2)
---Decompression of JPEG2000 code-stream (*.j2k)
---Decompression of Standard JPEG (*.jpg)-Display of multiple image files in one viewer
-Supported file formats: Windows Bitmap (BMP), JPG, JPG lossless, JP2, J2K
Supported platforms:
-Windows XP / 2000 / NT / 95 / 98 / ME
Software versions available:
-30 days trial version (only for Windows)
-Full license version
OptimiData grants the software user a single, non-exclusive, personal right to use the Software on one computer system and in one location only (read license agreement).

Please note: OptimiData grants 1 year free update to each customer!
User target groups:
-People using digital cameras
-People who want to convert their JPEG images into JPEG2000
-People who want to be able to read JPEG2000 image


Free download of OptimiData´s "JP2view" for Trial 

We appreciate your interest in downloading the product "JP2view" for testing as specified hereinafter:
Please follow the download process described hereinafter:
  1. During the download process the MSI archive OptimiData_JP2view_E.msi will be downloaded to your computer
  2. Extract MSI-File to a folder of your choice
  3. To install the application double-click the installer file
  4. The Installation wizard guides you through the installation process.
Note: Current Windows operating systems (Win 2000 / XP) support the Microsoft Installer service. If you are using older operating systems (like Win 95 / 98), please make sure, that you have installed the latest version of the Microsoft Installer service (available from Microsoft website www.microsoft.com).

IMPORTANT: Donwloading and using the software indicates that you agree to the terms as set forth in the software license agreement.

If you do not agree, you are not allowed to download the trial version of JP2view.

I agree with the license terms: Download "JP2view" for Trial now!

If you would like to receive upgrade and add-on information about JP2view please give us a message by using our web contact form or directly via Email to info@optimidata.com.