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JP2-C-SDK (OptimiData-JPEG2000-C-SDK 1.6)

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Product details "OptimiData-JP2-C-SDK"

"OptimiData-JPEG2000-C-SDK" (OPD-JP2-C-SDK) is a low-cost, easy to install, free of surplus features and simple to use featured software toolkit for JPEG2000 (JP2) developers under development environment "C".

Deliveries (electronically only):
-OptimiData-JPEG2000-C-SDK library (including static library and dynamic / shared library)
-Command Line Tool (CLT) with sample code (for Windows); the CLT allows control of OPD-JP2-C-SDK and gives an example for integration
-User manual
-License code for registration after purchase
-Graphical User Interface (add-on with Windows versions only):
---Compression and Decompression of various image files into JPEG2000
---Display of multiple image files in one viewer
---Drag and Drop of multiple image files into the viewer
---Context menu (right mouse button click)
-All deliveries are deliverd electronically only
Features include:
-Image compression:
---Compression of image files into JPEG2000 file format (*.jp2) in baseline configuration (means: no regions of interest, no tiling, tile offset = 0)
---Compression of image files into JPEG2000 code stream (*.j2k)
---Compression of image files into Standard JPEG (*.jpg)

-Image decompression:
---Decompression of JPEG2000 file format (*.jp2)
---Decompression of JPEG2000 code-stream (*.j2k)
---Decompression of Standard JPEG (*.jpg)
---Decompression of images up to 16bits / image channel
---Downscaled decompression
---Decompression of a given quality
---Decompression of tiled JPEG2000 images
-Supported file formats: Windows Bitmap (BMP), JPG, JPG lossless, JP2, J2K
Supported platforms:
-Windows (2000/XP/98/NT)
-Linux (e.g. SUSE v 6.4 and higher)
-other platforms on request
Software versions available:
-30 days trial version (only for Windows)
-Full license version
Licensing alternatives:

a) JP2-C-SDK "Individual": Individual Non-Commercial License (EUR/US$42.24 excl. VAT):
The license is granted to an individual for private use only and may not be transferred to or shared with other individuals. Applications developed using the license may be distributed free of charge to others ("freeware"). 
-->Read license agreement

b) JP2-C-SDK "Professional": Commercial License (EUR/US$499 excl. VAT):
The license should be sufficient to meet the needs of most commercial companies/organizations. Any number of applications may be built using the OptimiData software tools and distributed for financial return. The license covers all employees and affiliates of the company/organization. 
-->Read license agreement

Please note: OptimiData grants 1 year free update to each customer!
User target groups:
-Developers of image database management software
-Developers of image browsing software tools and respective systems
-Developers of embedded systems which need to support JPEG2000
-Developers of applications for mobile/wireless communication
-All kind of developers who are working in the field of image compression


Free download of "OptimiData-JP2-C-SDK" for Trial

We appreciate your interest in downloading the product "OptimiData-JPEG2000-C-SDK" for testing as specified hereinafter:

Please follow the download process described hereinafter:
  1. During the download process a ZIP-file "OptimiData_JP2_SDK_E.zip" will be saved on your computer
  2. Extract zip-File to a folder of your choice
  3. Follow the installation instructions described in the user manual
  4. To test the library please follow the instructions described in the chapter "sample program" of the manual

IMPORTANT: Before downloading and using the software, please read the trial software license agreement. Using the software indicates that you agree to the terms as set forth in the software license agreement.

If you do not agree, you are not allowed to download the trial version of "OptimiData-JPEG2000-C-SDK".

I agree with the license terms: Download "OptimiData-JP2-C-SDK" for Trial now!

If you would like to receive upgrade and add-on information about the OptimiData-JPEG2000-C-SDK please give us a message by using our web contact form or directly via Email to info@optimidata.com.