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OptimiData intends to reach market leadership as provider of software products for image compression based on the latest standard format familiy JPEG2000.



By offering JPEG2000 image compression solutions our goal is the improvement of mobile services, telecommunications and other computer related technologies. In addition it is our desire to provide more awareness regarding JPEG2000 as well as its potential implementations into existing and upcoming applications. 


Core Competence in Data Compression - JPEG2000

OptimiData is a leading company in data compression. The use of effective methods of data compression is one important aspect to optimizing data handling. OptimiData is a leading specialist in data compression, for applications within the areas of data archiving, digital photography, digital medical technologies, digital document management and last but not least for the new area of mobile communication.

One important challenge exists with the latest standardized image format family JPEG2000. OptimiData´s specialists have joined the respective standardization committees and have implemented standard compliant JPEG2000-software implementations intended for both, developers and consumers.


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