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Core competence in data compression - JPEG2000

OptimiData offers self developed software implementations of the new standard for image compression "JPEG2000".

Latest news from 2005-June-12:
Freeware: New speed improved JPEG2000 software version available: JP2-ShellExtension "JP2view_Engine". The JP2-ShellExtension allows integration of viewing functionality of JPEG2000 images within the Windows Explorer [ more info | free download]
News from 2004-August-01:
New version 1.6 of the JP2-C-SDK developer´s product for JPEG2000 compression available now, including the following new functionalities:
·    Decompression of images up to 16bits / image channel
·    Downscaled decompression
·    Decompression of a given quality
·    Decompression of tiled JPEG2000 images
·    Performance improvements [ more info | free download | order ]
News from 2003-December-28:
New speed improved version 1.5 of the JP2view® consumer product. JP2view is a low-cost, easy to use viewer software, enabling compression and decompression of images into JPEG2000 by means of a graphical user interface [ more info | free download | order for only EUR/US$ 12.89 (excl. VAT)]

Visual Quality Comparison
Original Image
(*.bmp, 1,47 Mbyte)
JPEG compressed
(Detail of compressed image: 17 Kbyte, compression ratio 88:1)
JPEG2000 compressed
(Detail of compressed image: 17 Kbyte, compression ratio 88:1)
Original image (*.bmp): 1,47 Mbyte
JPEG compressed (*.jpg): 16 Kbyte
JPEG2000 compressed (*.jp2): 16 Kbyte

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